샤도(Xsjado) 데미언 윌슨(Damien Wilson) 1 BOOT ONLY // 데미안 윌슨, AM, AMall, RW Sk8s / 어그레시브 인라인

Damien's first pro skate is by none other than Xjsado. This black and white killer is rumored to have an all new V-cut Xsjado cuff that adds mobility and flex to the Xsjado platform. These feature the Xsjado design that everyone has grown to love with it's true step in rollerblade/binding design that allows you to use a unique shoe/footwrap (you can even use some of your own after market shoes) so that you can go from walking to skating in seconds without having to ever remove your foot from your favorite pair of shoes. The Xsjado Wilson pro skate also features the classic double top strap design for the ultimate fit and their with the Damien Wilson foot wrap which is a newly designed footwrap by good ol' DW himself.

  • Wilson pro skate white/black colorway.

  • V-cut cuffs

  • Only true step in binding type rollerblade

  • NEW Wilson designed foot wraps

  • Shell sizing is as follows

  • S = 5--9

  • L = 9.5-13

  • Made in China

Xsjado Damien Wilson v.1 Ankle Pads

Replacement ankle pads for your Xsjado Damien Wilson pro model skates. Includes buckle and buckle strap.

Will work on both the Wilson I and Wilson II model Xsjado skates.


  • For Damien Wilson Xsjado Skates

  • Small = 5-9

  • Large = 9.5-13

  • 1 Left and 1 Right

Xsjado Damien Wilson Footwrap ALL BLACK

Have Xsjado skates but need new foot wraps? Damien Wilson pro model footwraps as seen in his Xsjado skates.  These footwraps can be used in all models of Xsjado skates.

  • Sold in a pair.

  • Slip On Design

Xsjado Damien Wilson 09 Black Footwrap