로간 클락(Logan Clark) | Switch front farf | Des Moines, Iowa Sk8s / 어그레시브 인라인

In my home state of Iowa, Logan Clark is Superman. He’s the wonder kid. After some high-level Roll Series performances over the last two summers, Logan reached another milestone: A photo in the current issue of Be-Mag (the one with Brian Shima on the cover). What you see here was his warmup trick before lacing the alleyoop unity that made it into the magazine.

The setup/settings:
-Canon 20D
-15mm Canon fisheye
-1/250 and F6.3 at ISO 100
-Three flashes

Oh yeah, Logan deserves some extra credit: This is what one of his soul frames looked like right before we went to this drop rail, making landing a bit easier said than done…

아라곤2(?) 솔판은 이렇게 가는구나! -o-a


  • faaeee 2009/01/29 09:33 #

    메이드인 중국 좃치않다
    지나친 경량화 좃치 않다
  • 코코마 2009/01/29 10:25 #

    쉘 바닥에 비해서 너무 짧은 프레임을 쓴 게 화근이었을지도!

    글고 주인 양반이 스턴트를 즐겨 하신 듯?
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