데쉬(Deshi) 카본(Carbon), Quick review Review / 사용기 & 인터뷰

I got to skate them for a solid 30 minutes and I have to say that I have fallen in love.

These were the boots that Colin had been skating since summer and they were very broken in.
They're a size 9 and they looked much smaller than my size 7 Icons 2s.
They were setup with some Kizer slimline frames (freestyle) and were a size medium which he didn't actually like and I soon found out why.
It was easy to trip up with a medium frame on such a small boot.

Now, these things literaly felt no heavier than my shoes with some frames bolted on.
They were super comfy and fit my feet very well(tho I would probably go with an 8 or 7 if I got my own.
Even tho the metal links for the cross strap twisted I had no trouble getting as tight as needed.
The buckle is pretty nice tho I would prefer something a little more supportive like a Salomon buckle. It was kind of thin and flimsy.
The carbon fiber itself within the skate was not warped or broken at all except for a hole Colin had worn in the left bs area all the way throuhg the boot. It didn't bother me at all.

Now for the big issue.
These things were floppy as hell and I was a little put-off at first.
But after about 15 minutes I fell in love with how the cuff felt.
These skates have no plastic in the cuff so it cannot warp and stay bent over like old deshis.
Instead the cuff area remained soft yet just supportive enough.
I don't think anyone should be worried about these being too floppy since they actually bend where you want them too rather than staying bent over like you're doing cab drivers.
You have a lot more control over which way your boots are bending and flexing rather than relying on a cuff to hold you in place.
So, this mean more control over exactly how your feet are moving.
Basically I loved the feel of the boot over all.
Built into the boots footbed is a thin layer of something soft and comfortable, like an insole.
I don't think there is really a need for another insole tho Colin had a Sifika one in there.
The frame bolt receptors are riveted on and under this so you never have to deal with them.
Theres a new kind of gel padding inside and its very thin but insanely comfortable, it's unbelive-able.
Also seems to be very durable because all of the padding was perfectly inplace and there weren't any rips.

Now for the soul plates.
These had the new Carbon soulframes. Not the CH1 souls
They're super thin and light-weight.
They weren't insanely fast but I thought they were as fast as any soul plate should be.
The groove is exactly where it should be and it's a nice shape, just as good if not better than the SL groove.
Another thing I was happy to see is that the frame is more centered on the soul plate so now there is a decent sized negative plate.

Colin informed me that the finished product will not have carbon fiber wrapped around the toe and that the tongue will be thicker.
This way you wont stub your toes on the shell and it will still feel like a soft boot.
I thought the tongue was pretty comfy but wanted it to come up a little higher so hopefully the extra padding will bring it up a bit.

Now the frames.
Didn't really think they were anything special.
Theyre supposedly made for flat but you cannot skate flat with such a wide groove.
I think for youre money you are better off with just getting some featherlites.
Same weight, fastness and a similar shape to the featherlites so I wasn't impressed.

If you happened to have read Al Dolega's first impresion on the carbon he wasn't too excited about it and thought it might be a bad skate.
I think if he had just gotten to skate for a half hour he would have loved them like I do.

Hope you enjoyed the review. Thanx if you read the whole thing even tho there were no pics!

커프 부분에 플라스틱이 없다고???? -o-;;;;;;; 리벳 박힌 부분까지는 뭐가 있겠지... ?

사이즈는 ICONS2 랑 같거나 한 사이즈 크게 신어야될 것 같다고...

최종 제품은 프로토타입보다 혀가 두꺼워지고 발가락 부분에 카본(?) 머시깽이가 없어질 거라고...


  • faaeee 2009/01/30 10:20 #

    역시 계속 테스트 중이었던가요
    너무 경량화및 싸이즈를 깔맞춤으로 설계한 나머지 발가락 부분의 카본이 단단하게 발가락을 압박했나 보군요
    마치 발로 toe cut 처럼 되려나요 그러면 후덜 진짜 리얼 운동화 ㄷㄷㄷ
  • faaeee 2009/01/30 10:23 #

    나중에 발매되고 보니 결국 발에 딱맞는 구형 데쉬 정도로 끝나는거 아네요? 아시밤쾅

    사실 신제품 ! 뉴디자인! 뉴테크놀로지! 라고 울부짖던 신상 스케이트 들은 사실상 신고보면

    적응하기가 어렵다 정도 였지 .. 누구나 원하던 가볍고 새로운 뉴타입은 아니었었는데요 ..

    이것도 여럿분의 테스트에 의해 결국 '기존에 타던게 좃던데' 정도로 자꾸 수정되 버리면 이거 정말 낭패
  • 코코마 2009/01/30 19:43 #

    이건 마치 레거시를 두고 하는 말 같구나!

    디자인 낚시 스케시, 레거시!
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