레이저(Razors) 존 엘리엇(Jon Elliott), 소울(Soul) 3K, 2K, 크림(Cream), 플랫(Flat), 임팩트(Impact) 300 Sk8s / 어그레시브 인라인

 존 엘리엇(Jon Elliott) II (2002)

Jon Elliott is known for extreme stunts and huge gaps. He designed his newest Pro skate to accommodate his needs: A 2 mm PE layer in the back of the liner provides full lateral support, a neoprene tongue attachment system prevents unwanted twisting of the tongue and heavy duty steel axle bolts are literally unbreakable. The Elliott 2 comes with the hottest after market products such as Jon Elliott's new lower GC Pro Frame, and the brand new Elliott wheel from Mindgame. It incorporates a double lacing system, a super fast Soul Frame with Teflon additive and the famous Elliott backslide plate in a medium fast Nylon material for super smooth Royales.

***These skates run small, please order 1 size larger than your regular shoe size.***

FEATURES: NEW PE plastic reinforcement in liner for enhanced support. NEW neoprene tongue attachment system to prevent twisting of tongue. NEW lower Elliott Ground Control Pro Frame. NEW Mindgame Elliott 54/88 wheels. NEW heavy duty axle bolts. Hardshell boot with double lacing system. Medium fast Elliott Backslide Plate for smooth Royales. Super fast Soul Frames with Teflon additive. Shock absorbing plastic rockers. High density liner with articulated ankle shape.

 소울(Soul) 3K (2002)

***These skates run small, please order 1 size larger than your regular shoe size.

The UFS Soul 3K is the first fully UFS compatible entry level skate on the market. It features a huge oversized heel plate that can easily be upgraded to the Razors soul frame system, or will accept any other UFS frame on the market.

FEATURES: Oversized heel sole plates. Extra wide front sole plates. Razors UFS Frame. Easily upgradeable to Soul Frame system. High density liner with articulated ankle shape. ABEC 1 bearings. Wheels: 56 mm, 90A aggressive.

***These skates run small, please order 1 size larger than your regular shoe size

드론 간지 솔판 후덜덜...

Razors soul 3k aggressive inline skates Mens 13

The Razors Soul 3K aggressive inline skate is designed for intermediate and advanced skaters with a super-wide heel plate and replaceable grind plates. It is fully UFS compatible and comes with a Razors UFS frame, ABEC 3 bearings, and Razor 56mm/90A wheels.

•Bearing Rating: ABEC 3--Designed to provide you with a quality ride in all skating disciplines.
•Boot Style: Hard Boot--Offers exceptional support and added durability.
•Chassis Material: UFS --Allows you complete compatibility between soul plates and other UFS chassis
•Closure System: Buckle/Lace Closure--Allows you to make adjustments while skating and provides added support.

 소울(Soul) 2K (?)

Razors Aggressive Inline Skates Soul 2K

Product Description



            Features                                                                   Benefits 

 •  Bearing Rating: ABEC 1                                         Durable design with a quick roll.
 •  Boot Style: Hard Boot                                            Offers exceptional support and added durability.
 •  Chassis Material: Fiberglass Reinforced Nylon        Very durable design with the added strength and support from fiberglass.
 •  Closure System: Buckle/Lace Closure                   Allows you to make adjustments while skating and provides added support.

 •  Skate User: Kids
 •  Skate Type: Aggressive
 •  In-Line Wheel Size: 56mm
 •  Skate Liner: Anatomical
 •  Braking System: No Brake

 엘리엇(Elliot) (2001)

The Elliott Pro features a stronger liner for enhanced front and side support. Also a backside plate with a deep groove is positioned for more control in maneuvers. Also features Mindgame wheels.

**These skates run small, please order 1 size larger than your regular shoe size.**

FEATURES: Glass reinforced nylon chassis. All new backside plate. Faster H-block with teflon additive. Faster pro frame with teflon additive. ABEC 5 bearings. 54mm 88A Mindgame Wheels. Lace / buckle closure. USF compatible with optional adapter plates and frames.

   크림(Cream) (2000)

 플랫(Flat) (1998) ... 솔판이 반듯해서 플랫? 훗날 수퍼 플랫으로 재탄생?

 임팩트(Impact) 300 (1998)



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