USD 사이러스(Psirus), 드론(Throne), 7thSign, Damocles Sk8s / 어그레시브 인라인

 그리콘(Grycon) (2002)

FEATURES: Target: Aggressive skaters. Two piece replaceable sole plates. Liner: Cambrelle lined inner boot. Closure: Adjustable ankle strap and lacing. Frame: UFS Frame. Wheels: 55mm/89A USD Aggressive. Bearings: ABEC 3.

 USD 사이러스(Psirus) 존 훌리오(Jon Julio) 프로모델 (2002 ?)

USD Jon Julio Pro Aggressive Inline Skate

The Jon Julio from USD. There's almost too many awesome features to name. The liner comes with climate control, dual shock soles and a gel padded toe to absorb the shock from your landings, an easy open dual Velcro entry, rear flex patch for better control and more stable support, and flex slots integrated into the liner for better forward and side flex. There also is a puffy tongue with a secret compartment. The shell is equipped with a superior locking buckle, a new lacing system integrated into the boot and memory lock eyelets, a rounded, re-enforced toe box, a torque locked cuff bolt for increased durability, and the UFS shell withstands temperatures down to -45 degrees, proving that it has the strength to withstand anything you can put it through. The Jon Julio features DYNA wheels, synergy bearings, 50/50 UFS frame and a Royal Groove developed by team USD for ultimate Royal tricks. And as always, the back of the shell has the USD identity stamp featuring Jon Julio and the Phoenix, so everyone knows you're skating in a USD skate

 USD 사이러스(Psirus) 팀(Team) (2002)


Target: Aggressive skaters. Four piece replaceable sole plates.
Liner: Cambrelle lined inner boot. Dual shock Kizer insole.
Closure: Adjustable ankle strap and lacing.
Frame: UFS Team Kizer Frame.
Wheels: 56mm/88A USD Aggresive.
Bearings: Kizer ABEC 3.
Nylon USD grab strap.

***these skates are fitting true to US shoe size

 사이러스(Psirus) 더스틴 라티머(Dustin Latimer) 프로모델 (2001)

Psirus - Dustin Latimer Pro Aggressive Inline Skate by USD model 2001

Key Features: USD Psirus Dustin Latimer pro skate.
With aluminum grind plates (not available Color shown- White
on sizes 12 and 13 on the USD kizer frame and ABEC 3 bearings.
Large tumor heel plate, providing almost 4cm to grind on, making the more difficult tricks a little easier.
Equipped with and anti/rockerable frame and a gel shock bed.
The Latimer’s are compatible with the 50/50 frames so you can better customize your skates and they come with Medium Dustin Latimer Pro Wheels, 54mm/91a.

USD 사이러스 2000년 모델

 브라이언 시마(Brian Shima)

 케빈 길란(Kevin Gillan)

 더스틴 라티머(Dustin Latimer)

챔피온 바움스팀러(? Champion Baumstimler)

존 훌리오(Jon Julio)


버클에 간지 로고 -_-+

USD 1998년 모델

 UPSIDEDOWN 7번째 사인(7thSign 이름 왜 이래 -_-;;;)

 UPSIDEDOWN 드론(Throne)

 UPSIDEDOWN 다모클스(? Damocles)

이때는 걍 풀네임이었쿠나!


  • faaeee 2009/01/30 10:15 #

    7번째 사인은 파워슬라이드 사장님이 7번째의 재결재끝에 싸인 해준듯 ?

    여하튼 업사이드 다운에서 유니버샬로 이름을 바꾸며 슬며시 모델의 고정화를 이뤄낸 USD는 진정 유니버설 디자인!
  • 코코마 2009/01/30 19:35 #

    7번째 사인은 나름 세미-소프트인 듯?

    콘헤드도 울고 갈 다모클스.....
  • faaeee 2009/01/30 10:15 #

    사이러스가 진정 어그레시브 스케이트 느낌인데 반해 클래식 드론의 시초는 거의 피트니스 삘이군효?
  • 코코마 2009/01/30 19:37 #

    사이러스는 외계 어딘가에서 날아온듯한 디자인.

    마지막 끈 구멍에 달려있는 판때기가 무슨 용도인지 정말 궁금함.
  • faaeee 2009/02/01 00:20 #

    발등 스트랩 부분에 달린 네모 조각은 더욱더 조이기 위한 위치 이동의 한 방편이 아닐까요!
  • 코코마 2009/02/01 19:43 #

    그러고 보니... 음...

    뭔가 더 단단한 걸로 눌러준다는 개념인가... -o-a
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