제레미 스파이라(Jeremy Spira) Rollerblading / 스케잇힝

Jeremy Spira - Promo - Things To Do In Denver

Promo of Jeremy Spira for "Things To Do In Denver Before You Die" by Greg Freeman

song:son lux-weapons

Jeremy Spira Nimh Edit

Jeremy's friend Greg Freeman edited this section of him rocking his custom Nimh Shima V.2 skates in the Colorado cold. Some sick skating from our boy from Denver.

Here are some dope customs Jeremy made for the SDSF open so he looks as fresh as possible.

신혼여행 가서 어글질한 새신랑. ㅋㅋ

One of my favorite bladers and a good friend recently just got married and took a honeymoon to Hawaii. Some of you might know him.. Jeremy Spira…well he was lucky enough to skate while on his honeymoon and that gets his wife the BEST WIFE OF THE YEAR award for allowing it. Check the pics..


  • faaeee 2009/02/02 16:27 #

    신부의 눈은 젖어있다

    ....로 군요 ..
  • 코코마 2009/02/02 16:28 #

    남편이 대회 우승이라도 해줘야 신상 Bag을 얻을 수 있는 거라규~
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