롤러블레이드(ROLLERBLADE) / 블레이드 러너(BLADERUNNER) 퓨리(Fury) Sk8s / 어그레시브 인라인


ROLLERBLADE and BLADERUNNER created this skate especially for beginners. It is a standard plastic shell with riveted cuff, replaceable liner, soulframe and metal-buckle. The liner is comfortable and well padded. In addition the skate features a good shockabsorber under the innersole. We offer you this setup with original ROLLERBLADE/BLADERUNNER frame, ABEC 5 bearings and ROLLERBLADE/BLADERUNNER 56mm/88A wheels.

1 pair

weight of 1 skate in size 42 = 2,00 kg

뭥미... 이름도 비슷한 회사끼리 연합해서 만들었나?

근데 알키미 퓨어(아래 사진)랑 똑같이 생긴 듯???


  • faaeee 2009/02/08 23:29 #

    현대차로 비유하자면 내수용/외수용 이름이 다른 그런 예일까요?
  • 코코마 2009/02/09 00:41 #

    뭐가 뭔지.. ㅎ
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