카이저(Kizer) 슬림 라인(Slim Line) 프레임(Frame) Review UPdate!!! Review / 사용기 & 인터뷰

This was my first look at the Kizer Slim Line TEAM frame. Actually, my first look at any Kizer frame. I’ve skated Able, Ground Control, Xsjado, but never Kizer. I’ve seen most of there frames in the past, but to be honest none of them have appealed to me like the Slim Line. Although I liked the Element frame, I just thought there was too much metal and bolts.

The first thing that I noticed when I received my Slim Lines was the packaging that they came in. The construction of this box was far superior in quality than any other frame box I have ever received. Being a graphic artist, I can definitely appreciate a good package design and this box was just that.  I will most likely be keeping this box to either store these frames when not in use or store old frames.


Package Design

It did not take long to notice the lightweight feel of these frames. They felt extremely lightweight, lighter than your average  frame. These have got to be one of the lightest frames on the market for riding flat rocker. I will give an update of the exact weight of these frames. You could tell by looking and feeling the frame that they were made of far less plastic than some of the other frames on the market. Kizer frames have always appeared to be very bulky to me, especially some of there freestyle frames. These are the exact opposite.


Less plastic = lightweight. Still very solid feeling.

While feeling how lightweight these frames were, I also realized the frame was extremely strong and well made. For a frame to be this lightweight and this solid feeling was surprising to me. I expected the frames to be lightweight, but they were much more solid than I anticipated. Thick sidewalls, but slim h-block.

The hardware that came with these frames was very impressive. Very different/one of a kind bolts. It came with metal frame spacers as well as bearing spacers. You could honestly tighten these bolts as much as possible and the wheels still turn perfectly. Opinions vary on ’special’ bolts like these. If you happen to break one of these bolts you would most likely have to order a new one, which could take days if not weeks. Or it would take A LOT of work to fit an aftermarket bolt into these frames so it would work properly. I’ve never seen bolts like these that lock almost in the middle of the wheel.



I got these frames to try going back to riding flat rocker. However, it is kind of a pain in the ass to buy 8 wheels with good bearings and spacers. I also seem to want to try and rock these frames freestyle as well. I have an idea about creating a freestyle block that will fit to the frame, similar to 50/50 Juice Blocks. First I have to try them out as flat. I decided to go with BHC 56mm 90a wheels. #1 because they were cheap (sucks buying 8 wheels). #2 they are semi small (I could fit up to 58mm 4 down in these bad boys, but I’m afraid of wheel drag). #3 because they are a hard wheel 90a (I will have less chance of sticking on a rail or ledge). Kizer says it how it is… the slim line has “the best flat setup options available.”


BHC 56mm 90a - 4 for $16.00 @ eRolling!

I have to admit that choosing the size of these frames was a pain in the ass. Every single website I went on had different information for the sizing. I was kind of in between a medium and a large and I was just not sure at all which one to go with. My skates are a size 11 so I ended up getting the larges. The wheels stick out a little on the front and back of my skates, but I don’t mind that much. Some people do mind that, but it is all preference. However, I think I definitely would have been happier with the mediums. The larges fit good, but just a bit on the long side for me. From my experience, unless you are a large foot size like 12+ then the mediums should be just fine.



Large Kizer Slim Line Frame Measurements - AMall Measures by the longest part of the frame (bottom)


The Setup

TEST: The Slim Lines are light as hell, but once you put two wheels and bearings and spacers the weight factor is gone. However, I really enjoyed skating flat again. Such a smoother and faster ride skating flat. The groove on these frames is soo massive that its like skating anti. I hesitated at first, but once I realized how they slid it was over from there. There was practically no break-in or adjustment for me on these, because the H-block space is so BiG. The size of the frames or the wheels sticking out a bit was not a factor for me whatsoever (I was used to a smaller freestyle frame GC F1 Freestyle). The bolts are recessed so much on the soul side and the H-block is very slim, making soul tricks slide extremely well.

While opening the entire package I got a sense of quality craftsmanship, design, and engineering. Fine craftsmanship is something that should be noticed and appreciated.  Overall the switch to flat was a success. They slid like butter and felt real smooth even on a newly waxed ledge. The frames held up well so far. I got a nice groove, but it still needs some working in. By far “the best flat setup options available.” I will continue to update this review… stay tuned.

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