롤러블레이드(Rollerblade) 다운타운(Downtown) 4 Skate // DT, AM, AMall, RW Sk8s / 어그레시브 인라인

Rollerblade Downtown 4 skate

  • Average weight of a single Downtown 4 is 4.2 Lbs.

  • Non removable TRS cuffs and skins.

  • Newly Designed RB midsouls feature cut outs for larger outer wheels.

  • Newly designed backslide groove area

  • Newly designed TRS frames.

  • 8 Rollerblade 55mm 89a wheels.

  • ABEC 7 bearings.

  • Available in sizes 3--12.5 (including half sizes)

Rollerblade DT4 Skate

New skate from RB! New midsoul, frame and boot construction.

Rollerblade DT4 Skate has the New and Improved liners with thicker padding and a improved footbed for maximum comfort. The New Rollerblade cuff has been remodeled with new materials for a better mix of flexibility and stability. Reshaped Shell for improved comfort and support. New midsole groove to help you lock on and slide longer. TRS UFS frame with a wider middle groove to help you lock on to all grinds.


* New Rollerblade Liners
* Stonger TRS Skin (Replaceable)
* Cuff Design To Protect The Buckle
* Enhanced Material In Cuff To Give Perfect Flexibility
* (8) 55mm/89a Wheels
* SG7 Bearings

Rollerblade skates run about 1/2 size big
When ordering get the same as your foot size, or size down 1/2 size for the correct fit
Rollerblade changes the length of each skate to ensure a true fit
Rollerblade skates have an average width.

RB TRS Replacement Cuffs

Size 1 = Sizes 3-6.5

Size 2 = Sizes 7-10.5

Size 3 = Sizes 11-12.5

Rollerblade DT4 Skates

David gives you a closer look at the Rollerblade DT4 Skates for only $89.