부스터 블레이드(Booster Blades) Random / 기타

While at the show, we got a sneaky peek at the design sketches for the next generation of Booster Blades, featuring sleek styling and lightweight plastic injection moulding, as well as a demo of the supercharged inline skates themselves.

Booster Blades are a kind of roller blade, propelled by the wearer’s up-and-down pedalling motion rather than the conventional skating motion. The result, we’re told, is a double win: faster, more efficient ride as well as better full-leg exercise.

밟아주면 앞으로 나간다는 건가... 읽기도 귀찮네 -_-

코리아의 자존심, 인라인 스키와 막상막하? -_-a