조립식 P-Rail // 연습용 레일 Random / 기타

Not to much of a discription to go with it.

I wanted a long rail but I wanted it portable also but my Tacomas bed is only like 6 feet long  . So I made 2 five foot (and some change) sections and screwed on some draw catches to lock the frame together and sanded down a smaller piece of PVC to lock the rail together.

There is a small small( like literally this _ much) gap where the PVC connects even with the catches/pvc fitting holding it in place , but you dont notice it , we filled it in with wax and it was fine. But the two pieces fit in my truck. so it ruend out pretty good

*Also I painted it because the wood wasnt treated and I didnt wanna it to wear out over time if it got rained on here and there while I was driving to or from somewhere.

차에 싣고 다니려고 저렇게 만드셨다고.

주인분이 가구 좀 만들어 보신 듯~ ㅋ

근데 PVC 레일이 금방 뽀개질 것처럼 보임... -_-a