님(Nimh) 시마(Shima) V1 Review Review / 사용기 & 인터뷰

ok here is my NIMH review with a couple of pictures of them to help explain

us size 7 NIMH Shima V1
razor cult 4 liners
red 50/50 cores, size large
night antis
eulogy lievionas wheels
them goods bearings

liners-i skated the vicious liners a total of 5 minutes, as soon as i put them on i knew i wasnt going to skate them, im sure they are great liners if you size up with them, but im a natural 7 but these fit like a size 6 maybe even a 5 they were so small, so i tried jugs, sifika, remz, reign, and even usd liners, none felt or skated right in these skates, after all of that i found some old razor liners my friend had tried vcutting so i duct taped them, i dont care how they look as my pants go over them anyways, i highly suggest if you buy NIMHs (V1s cause ive heard they fixed the liner problems) you get razor liners they make me love these skates.

buckles-they suck put different ones on.

boot-so as most of you know everybody says "oh they are just cult razors with toe cut and higher cuffs", well as this is true i found they skate much different than cult style razors, i for one never liked the way cult razors skated, but after skating NIMHs i can say i will probably never skate another skate, they skate like nothing ive ever put on my feet, they have perfect flex but still that sturdy razor support, if you have wide feet as most of you know its hard to skate classic razors but seeing as nimh has the toe cut you can size down/fit them if you have wide feet, i would suggest as i stated before if you are considering sizing down unless you are getting different liners than vicous i wouldnt try to, for the reason that vicious liners run small.

souls-i know this is what everybody looks for in a NIMH review so here it is, at first the souls were the only thing holding me back from getting NIMHs because i was skeptical about making my own groove im so used to having a pre groove, well i was so very wrong, the free groove system is the best thing ever created, i can honestly say it has helped me so much with groove tricks, with pre groove you dont exactly have to skate that groove but it doesnt give you full freedom to do royales/farfs/unities/ ect. the way you need and the way your body wants to do them, with free groove you set the groove, exactly where your body needs it to be, they slide faster than literally any skate i have ever skated, i dont know if its a new material shima and elliot chose to use or what but they made the right choice with it, the souls space is a decent size, perfect for my skating, coming from xsjados for 2 years that was the one thing i hated about them was how big and clunky the souls were.

negative side- this is also a free groove which is great because i noticed with most skates EX. gen razors, remz 1 piece, xsjado, my foot wouldnt lock in where their inside groove was because it wasnt where my foot set, with these its perfect, also everybody ive seen complain about not being being able to do negatives because the space is limited, me being one who does a decent amount of negatives found no problem, if you cant lock negatives with NIMHs you obviously arent doing them right.

frames-i set mine up with 50/50 frames because i had 3 brand new pairs setting on my dresser from JC sending them to me, i wont skate any other frame and if you skate anything but 50/50 youre dumb these frames are perfect in every aspect, everybody asks me if i find them heavy, not at all.

antis-i got these night antis cause my old ones were so worn down, and honestly i think these made my skates as perfect as they are, they slide sooo good on ledges, dont wear down much at all seeing as they are UHMW, and just all around great antis.

wheels-ive had these exact same wheels since october, they are great and long lasting, when these are gone i have 3 brand new sets cause i bought a variety pack back in october, i suggest them.

bearings-idc about bearings i got them for free, i guess theyre good.

님 시마 V.1 중에 작은 사이즈(us size 7 정도)는 좀 작게 나왔다고 한다.
큰 사이즈(size 11)는 그렇지 않다고...
"vicious liners don't run small. i'm a "natural" 11, i skate an 11 boot, and my 11 liner fits great. maybe it's just the bigger sizes that fit right, idk."

그리고 시마 V.2 부터는 라이너가 크게 나와서 약간 헐렁한 편이라고...

암튼.. 그런 이유로 라이너를 바꿔야 했는데... 이것저것 다 끼워보고 얻은 결론은 컬트 4 라이너였다고... (역시 컬트 쉘엔 컬트 라이너 -_-)
"so i tried jugs, sifika, remz, reign, and even usd liners, none felt or skated right in these skates"

소울 플레이트는 매우 빠르게 밀린다고 하고... 글쓴이는 프리(Free) 그루브를 매우 좋아함.

버클은 발목을 옆으로 꺾으면 자동으로 풀린댄다.. -_-