님(NIMH) Europe - 3 days and 7 hours in 바르셀로나(Barcelona) - 09/05/22 Rollerblading / 스케잇힝

In the not too distant past Oli called me to say that he would be flying to Barcelona for a short but hard hitting trip to skate and film with HIMHs first official EU Am rider, Marc Moreno. Seemingly hours later we were exchanging dates and getting excited about the prospect of some good weather. Whilst fretting over a tiny amount of money in my account I attempted to figure out how I was going to fit in the trip amongst my other normal weekly commitments and also trying to process the fact that if all the arrangements came together we would be leaving less than 2 weeks after we were having these conversations.

Read the whole story in the PDF article...

Oli Short and Marc Moreno Nimh edit

edit filmed during Oli's visit to Barcelona. It seems as summer is here...
It's time to choose your side.

NIMH is also touring Spain, England and France at the moment, check out the flyer and make it to one of their stops if you have the chance:


The aNIMHals Tour

Brian Shima, Montre Livingston, Oli Short


  • faaeee 2009/05/23 20:33 #

    아니 뭐 알리셧 바로 님에서 간지 폭풍 에디트 ㄷㄷㄷ
  • 코코마 2009/05/24 02:54 #

    발로에서도 이미 퇴출 분위기라 더 깔짝거렸던 건지도!!!! ㄷㄷㄷ
  • faaeee 2009/05/23 20:34 #

    확실히 로체스 보다는 nimh 가 크긴 크군요 ..
    너무 마른 알리의 다리에는 nimh 는 무겁고 둔해 보임 !
  • faaeee 2009/05/23 21:00 #

    와우 , NIMH V2 뒤에 화이트 칠만 했을뿐인데 겁나 이뻐보이네혀 ㅋ

    역시 블랙 스킨에 화이트 포인트는 필수인듯
  • 코코마 2009/05/24 02:56 #

    그 커스텀 스케이트를 사진으로 본 적이 있는 것 같은데..

    찾아봐야겠다. ㅎ

    진리는 블랙&화이트!
  • 코코마 2009/05/24 03:27 #

    뭐야... 저 vimeo 올린 사람이 전에 올렸던 영상에서 본 거였네.
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