Clever Online Video Name Pt. 1, 2 // 바이브라룩스(Vibralux), 바이브라럭스? Rollerblading / 스케잇힝

Clever Online Video Name Pt. 1

Over the past 17 months we had been collecting footage for the Vibralux Team DVD 'On Top' in stores now. The footage we didn't use never got thrown away or had anything done with it. Most of it didn't make the video because I fucked up filming, horribly. However we always had almost enough to make a full length video, but not quite... until now.

This video is a rollercoaster of footage from 2 winters ago up to yesterday. Try not to get your Vibralux jeans all twisted up and just enjoy seeing some of your favorite skaters riding 4 different pairs of skates and rocking different length hair.

Broskow, Wheeler, Collins, Park, Credits, etc. to come in part 2 and maybe even a part 3.

Clever Online Video Name Pt. 2

In the second installment of COVN we check in with Brenton Wheeler, Old Michael Collins, New Michael Collins and Alex Broskow.

These KCMO dudes set up the long awaited conclusion of COVN Pt. 3 dropping sometime in the future.


Brenton asked I not reveal the name of his song.
Michael pt1. Kansas- Dust in the Wind
Michael pt2. Clipse ft. Kanye- Kind of Like a Big Deal
Broskow Lou Reed- Satellite of Love