데쉬(Deshi) 카본(Carbon) 화이트(White) + 크리에이트 오리지날(Create Originals) 프레임 Sk8s / 어그레시브 인라인

So we are getting much closer to the release of the frames. We have the mold completely dialed to exactly how we want it. the sample metal is do to arrive in a few days. assuming its on point we should be ready to start the production. make sure to become a fan of Create Originals on facebook for more updates.

CO 프레임 정발이 다가오고 있다고...

근데 액슬 대가리가 프레임 몸체 안쪽으로 전혀 안 들어간 듯? -_-a

they are going to come in small and large. the smalls go up to 8.5 US and the large go from 9 up

프레임은 스몰/라지로 나올 거라고....


  • faaeee 2009/06/08 16:11 #

    야 좋군요 가격이 문제가 되지 않을정도로 디자인은 굳인데 밀리는 재질은 제발 지씨를 닮았으면 좋겠네~
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