Brady Johnston - ONLINE PROFILE - Au leftovers/teaser : June 2009 // 렘즈(Remz) Rollerblading / 스케잇힝

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Brady Johnston - ONLINE PROFILE - Au leftovers/teaser : June 2009

You are watching a young master at work. Here before your eyes is a young man named Brady Johnston (21 years old). He kills shit, with ease, and its not fair. So peep the leftovers. These are all the clips left laying around that are just not up to par for his section, but still hit hard. So for all you be-maggots that wanted to see some brady johnston stuff....well, here it is, and be expecting a full profile in the upcoming movie dubed "Au", (think about it....or google it) as well as many other of your favorite TEXAS bladers. (Keaton Newsom, John Sullivan, Micah Simmang, Fritz Peitzner, Chase Rushing, the rest of the gang. stay tuned to for more info!

"Au" tour starting June 18th! Daily updates!! were starting the tour off right in Phoenix...

Additional angles/clips shot by the man, Jason Reyna! Thanks a ton for always holding me down!! i got you too, when you need it!


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Shot with a Canon xh a1 & Panasonic hvx200a
60i fps /24p (A few)

Century Optics .3 Ultra Wide Fishy
Music by: Calexico & Iron and Wine - Red Dust
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