connected:salutations Rollerblading / 스케잇힝


We here at connectedskating are proud to be americans... well at least i think we are. We enjoy the freedom that we have and all the skatespots that this country has given us. Without the military to keep us safe than terrorist would just come around bombing our cities and ultimately destroying our skatespots... ok jokes aside, Our friend Angelo Diaz is headed to afghanistan this month so we decided to have an honorary sesh in order to salute our friend and wish him luck all the way out there.
good luck angelo and see you real soon!

Angelo Diaz 가 아프가니스탄으로 간다고 하네요. -.-;; 군인인가 봅니다.

* 1:12 부터 발로(Valo) 타는 비니 민튼(Vinny Minton)이 나옵니다.