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USD Travel Bag

Company: USD

- Main Compartment, to be used for clothing. This compartment takes around 1/3 of the whole Bag
- 2 big side compartments, each of them are big enough to put 1 pair of skates inside, so you can also use one for more clothing, if you won't bring your 2 pair of skates
- 2 small side compartments, each of them big enough to put in 2-3 books
- top compartment for small stuff, like keys or yet again 2 books etc (around 40 x 40 cm)
- another compartment, a bit smaller than the top compartment
- straps on the side, to hold shoes, a jacket or something similar
- including a strong bottom form, to keep your stuff in order.
- wheels and a carrying system makes this bag cooler than your average Samsonite bag.

Also for a 1 week trip (or longer)


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