AMALL Dye // 플라스틱 염색 Random / 기타

If you have ever wanted to dye your skates at home, now you can with Amall dye. Each bottle contains 3 grams of Amall's concentrate dye powder and is enough to dye 1 pair of skates + parts. Just use new skates and parts (or clean old ones) boil up roughly 2-5 gallons of water (enough to fully submerge the item you wish to dye) add Amall dye, then add your parts. Rinse and enjoy.

Dye will only work with white or gray parts.  Dye will have little to no effect on black parts.

You will probably also want to use tongs, glasses, hats, gloves, and an apron to avoid getting the dye on and around you. The dye process requires the use of very hot or boiling water so be sure you have some good adult supervision. Some dye jobs may require more or less dye. Some products may dye differently than others. Always use a test piece (old part or small portion of part before dying your actual parts) If you need any assistance or have any questions regarding this product please call 1-866-449-0100 or e-mail us.

A video on how to dye your skates by Razors:

  • Each bottle contains 3 grams of powdered concentrate dye

  • This dye kit is suitable for hard boot skates only and will work on most plastics and fabrics.


  • Instructions included

  • Other materials needed to complete dye job:
    Large 3-5 gallon cooking pot (or disposable pan)
    Tongs or wire (something to grab the part out of the hot water)

  • Safety Equipment should be worn when working with hot water (gloves, glasses)


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