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For several years Brett Dasovic has been showing serious skills on both sides of the camera. David McNamara catches up with Minnesota’s next great hope to discuss freaky photos and becoming friends with one of his idols.

Many people will recognize Brett Dasovic as one half of the endearing due that created A Day with Brett and Jeph. However, those foolish enough to believe that he is simply Jeph’s sidekick need a serious wake up call. Brett has been a formidable force within the vibrant Minnesota skate scene for several years and rides for some of most respected companies in the industry.

His talents don’t end there. In the past year alone Brett has helped create Children of the Con with Dan Fabiano, The Everywhere Experiment with Adam Kilgore and Too Much Love with Blake Cohen. The twenty two year old is rapidly proving that he is a worthy ambassador of our sport in many respects. It’s strange to think that his love for rollerblading stemmed from hatred. When discussing how he stumbled upon the sport, he admits, “I started skating out of total spite! The first time I ever went to the skatepark, one kid, Tim Garretson made fun of me because I couldn’t do anything but step up mizou.”

Brett cannot help but laugh when he recounts the events that provoked what has now become a fully blown obsession. He confesses, “That happened ten years ago and I can still hear that taunt in my head like it was yesterday. I was like, ‘Fuck this kid. I’m gonna be better than him someday!’ The harder I worked towards getting better than him the more I fell in love with everything about it and skating took over my life.”

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It didn’t take long before Brett’s determination began to manifest itself into raw talent and companies noticed his ability. When Brett talks about his current sponsors, it is impossible to ignore his enthusiasm. He declares, “I have been skating flow for Razor Skates since 2004!” He then adds, “I have always supported Eulogy wheels, long before I ever got them for free. I owe all of that to both Isaac for being generous and Jeff Dalnas for getting me on the team...Thanks Jeff!”

Some of the companies Brett skates for have been a conscious effort on his part to take more involvement in the rollerblading industry. He advises, “Con Artist clothing came about when I felt that my stint with Havok was coming to a close. I wanted to take a more proactive approach in the image of the company I was representing, A lot of kids just like getting free gear but I feel much more accomplished when I am able to help push the actual ideas that the company represents.”

While composing this interview Brett added to his already impressive list of sponsors in the form of Kizer. The Minnesota native happily declared, “I think they are truly pushing frame development in a direction that gives every type of skating a different frame to excel in.”

Unlike many of his peers, Brett is not ignorant enough to believe that he should simply get free products because of his ability. He understands that there are obligations he must fulfill and this is not something he takes lightly. He states, “I believe that the representation of companies is something that is essential to taking skating seriously as a business and I try to be as good to them as they are to me.”


It really doesn’t matter what Brett talks about. Either way, his excitement is infectious. When asked about his involvement in the Minneapolis scene, he advises, “I always wanted to be good enough so that I could have the respect of the other skaters here. In other aspects of life I never cared much about fitting in. I never tried to hard to be cool with the popular kids in school but for some reason I felt like I had to become part of the in crowd of the Minnesota skate scene.” It is evident that over the years nothing has dampened his loyalty towards the scene that raised him. “I love the sarcasm that really only Minnesota bladers will understand,” he says.

Brett has already produced incredible sections in Minnesnowta and The Birdz and The Beez but he became an internationally recognisable figure thanks to the success of the online series A Day with Brett and Jeph. “We did not originally intend to make it a show,” he asserts. “We realised that we have a lot of fun doing the edits so why not make something regularly that internet nerds like us can get excited about seeing!”

It is little wonder that people have reacted so positively to the monthly feature as both Brett and Jeph look like they are having the time of their lives. There is no posturing of bravado, just two guys having a whole lot of fun on rollerblades. Brett concedes that the whole thing started as an accident. “A Day with Brett & Jeph started on a random gloomy day of boredom,” he advises. “We wanted to blade and Dereck had left his camera at his house after a party. We hijacked the ancient piece of canon equipment and the rest is history!”

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From the obvious connection that they possess on screen, you would never guess that Brett once idolized Jeph and was slightly disappointed when they first met. Brett says, “I do not care what anyone says to the contrary, but we are ALL grommets at some point in life. I was always a huge grom so meeting Jeph Howard was a huge deal to me. The funny thing was when I met him at a park comp years before we became good friends he made fun of me for not liking some local hip hop group that was performing and I was all bitter that the famous Jeph Howard was a dick to me.”

Despite the initial setback in their friendship, Brett and Jeph are now close friends and Brett readily admits that Jeph is one of his biggest influences. He says, “Jeph has that insane love of rollerblading that is just contagious.”

One thing that becomes impossible to ignore when speaking with Brett is that he could be the most hardcore grommet that ever lived. Here is a perfect example: I asked Brett a question about where he grew up and Brett simply couldn’t wait to declare, “Fun fact. Mike and Derek French are from the exact same town I am from but I never skated with them growing up!”


If you have read to this point you may be wondering why this interview is so bloody long. The reason for this is simple: Once you get Brett started on anything related to rollerblading it is impossible to make him shut up. His passion for every aspect of the sport is unbreakable. The most basic of questions can provoke a lengthy rant like this one:

“I am always in awe when I get to skate with the big names or meet an important company owner. I don’t know how it is for the people that have been jaded by years of experience in the industry but to this day if I get to hang out with big names or travel someplace to blade I still find myself saying, ‘Holy shit. This is what I’ve always fricking wanted!’”

When Brett is not lacing tricks with the perfect combination of style and technical ability or collecting clips for his next video project, he can be found developing photos to support himself financially. It is a job that he readily admits offers some amusing experiences: “I do see a ton of freaky stuff that people decided to make Kodak moments, he admits. “Next time you see me, ask me what the craziest thing I ever saw was. I have a few that would probably interest you or creep you out depending on who you are.”


After the summer Brett will be returning to school to finish off his education but admits that for now skating is still his priority. When asked about his plans for the future he responds, “In a way you could say that I have been putting off my life in the favor of skating and doing what I feel I am best at while I am still young and physically able.”

It seems that Brett is incapable of sitting still. When discussing his next project he asserts, “We are definitely aiming to do a full twelve episodes this year along with the filming for the sequel to my previous video Too Much Love.” There is no doubt in my mind that people like Brett are going to mould this sport into a stronger, more stable culture.

- David McNamara

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Photos: John Haynes

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