데쉬(Deshi) Ch1 Flop Out? Review / 사용기 & 인터뷰

i want to switch skates (yes finally time to retire the old ones  ) , but i really like the Ch1's from deshi. My friends however are warning me against them because they "flop out" or get really wiggly quickly. Anyone know if this is this true? And if so how bad?

데쉬 CH.1에 관심이 있스빈다. 부츠가 금방 헐떡거리게 된다는 게 사실인가염?

Yeah they become really sloppy pretty quick. When you first get them they're quite stiff but it doesn't last.

그렇다. 헐떡거리게 된다. 그것도 매우 빠르게. 처음에는 엄청 뻣뻣하지만 오래가지 않는다.


  • faaeee 2009/07/13 15:11 #

    헐떡 헐떡 .. ;
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