페이드 네이션(Fade Nation) 3: Green Rollerblading / 스케잇힝

so the extreme lack of blog doesnt mean we havent been doing anything.. actually its quite the opposite. Negretes workin on his thing and im workin on mine... Fade Nation 3: Green. Been filming with Kruise Sapstein, Rob G, Anthony Williams, Fritz Peitzner was out for awhile, and a few others. So yea, sorry for being MIA for a few months..

Jeremy Soderburg Royale

Front torque

Front torque 2

JC's legs work again, but this is an old picture. He texted me this morning though and said "Watching brain fear gone.. You're awesome"

페이드 네이션 3 : 그린 ... 촬영 중!? -o-a

JC 횽은 다리를 다쳤었는 듯!? -o-;;;


  • faaeee 2009/07/22 01:55 #

    헐. . .회이트 샤도에 50/50 TEAL .. 굳
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