The Bulldog - Interviewed on Russian Wesbite // 브랜든 캠벨(Brandon Campbell), 조쉬 페티(Josh Petty) Review / 사용기 & 인터뷰

Intuition Rollerbladers,

The Russian wesbite has just published an in depth interview with Intuition Pro Team rider Brandon ‘The Bulldog’ Campbell.

“My name is Brandon Campbell, and I have been skating for about 15 years. After my career in rollerblading began winding down, I started going to school to be a barber. I am now out of school, have received my barber’s license and am now currently working at one of the top barber shops ever: Hawleywood’s in Costa Mesa, CA.”

“As of right now, Intuition Skate Shop is my only sponsor. Matt Mickey has backed me since day one, he’s an awesome guy, real down to earth. And yes, Josh Petty does skate for Intuition as well. I’m glad that intuition supports Josh and I as the vets, and what we have done for the sport.”

“Of course im always getting introuble with the law, lol. I remember this one time where the cops threw me and Tory Treseder in the back of the cop car…” Click here to read the complete interview.

Special thanks to Clayton Woodley at for The Bulldog’s portrait shots.

You can still pick up a copy of The Meantime DVD for just $5 and see Brandon Campbell’s most recent section.

아직도 인튜이션 샵에서 스폰서를 받나보네요. ㅎ;;;

지금은 이발소를 하신다고... -.-;;;;

브랜든 캠벨 최근 영상은 The Meantime 에 있다고...

인터뷰 전문은 아래에...


  • Zen 2009/07/24 16:52 #

    오옷..브랜든 켐벨.......돈벌이 하느라 안 보였던 거구나.

    근데 잘 많이 쪘네.....

    난 살로몬에서 브랜든켐벨 프로모델이 제일 이쁘다는 @.@
  • 코코마 2009/07/25 17:25 #

    포동포동~ 동글동글~ ^^
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