알버트 후이(ALBERT HOOI) - GREEN SKATE PROMO // USD UFS 드론(Throne), BHC Rollerblading / 스케잇힝

Quick edit filmed by Adam Kola and edited by Al himself.
30 mins at the Boneyard skatepark in Chester... He was only able to do these tricks due to his new USD green skates, BHC wheels and Fix bearings.. its got nothing to do with him being amazing i promise.

다시 봐도, 라차드 클드론 커프랑 똑같은 재질인 듯.

뻣뻣 & 허옇게 뜨는 그 재질??


  • faaeee 2009/08/07 22:10 #

    후이를 위하 뻣뻣 more!!!!!!!!!
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