The Windy City Riot 2009 Rollerblading / 스케잇힝

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The Windy City Riot 2009 by Vince Zywczak

대회 분위기도 좋고, 사람도 많고~ ^^

유 마더 파더~ ㅋㅋ

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Windy City Riot 2009

엥? 1:18에 브라이언 아라곤, 코너 오브라이언, 닉 우드!?!?!?!

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2009 Windy City Riot

Chicago native Steve Lerner takes the 2009 WCR hosted by Collin Martin. skating and antics by many of the midwests finest.

sorry dude at 4.15 is Rob Schirmer from OH

lol sorry dude


01. Steve Lerner (Palos Hills, IL) 102 points
02. Keegan Coussee (Grayslake, IL) 93 points
03. Blake OBrien (Minneapolis, MN) 34 points
04. Travis Rhodes (Chicago, IL) 22 points
05. Logan Clark (Des Moines, IA) 18 points
06. Mark Wojda (Louisville, KY) 15 points
07. Brian Bruno (Chicago, IL) 7 points
08. Sean Darst (Chicago, IL) 5 points
10. Marc Clune (Minneapolis, MN) 2 points
10. Jon Snyder (Hoffman Estates, IL) 2 points
11. Dan Barnes (Buffalo, NY) 1 point


Flatland: Rory Melehan
High Jump: Travis Rhodes and Dwight H at 56″ (4′8″)
Long Jump: Travis Rhodes at 257″ (21′5″)

17 & UNDER

01. Nick Labarre
02. Malcolm Heard
03. Thinh Le
04. Jimi Paszkiewicz
05. Steve Matiasek


Best Trick : Blake OBrien
Best Style: Travis Rhodes
Worst Fall: Keegan Smith
Way Cool: Phil Leroux
Biggest Chest: Paul John
Most Flamboyant: Brian Bruno
Should Have Skated: Rory Melehan
Old Man: Blake OBrien
Biggest Baby: bran^don:


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