닐스 얀손스(Nils Jansons) - Bs Savannah / Konsta - Soyal to Kind Rollerblading / 스케잇힝

SkatePlaza, Poland

Day after Baltic Games

Nikon D40x, natural lightning, nikkor 50mm

© Godzhira

Konsta - Soyal to Kind

We just happened to be in Ventspils at the same time with this perfect softbox type of weather. So we chose to use it wisely.
Konsta- with some fast speed soyal to kindgrind on one of most famous street spots in Ventspils.

Strobist: 430ex on left from Konsta just outside of the frame.
At almost unnoticable settings. Just the way i wanted it to be.
The ambient was too nice for this picture to ruin it with some strong flash.

© TenisD


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