IN MOTION 2 OUT NOW! teaser Rollerblading / 스케잇힝

IN-MOTION Volume 2 by Casey Bagozzi.

Featuring Profiles on Dustin Dixon, David Lineback, Will Cosgrove, Danny Malm, Shawn Oberg, and Sean Keane.

Skating by Jeff Jackson, Sapata Fofana Dura, Ivan Narez, Phillip Moore, Scott Moore, Jon Julio, Jeremy Raff, Korey Waikiki, Steve Kerr, Vince Camarillo, Joey Ihara, Derrick Henderson, Jared Peterson, Cory Pass, Iain Mcleod, Buddy Newby, and many more!

Bonus Features include: use the "AUDIO" Button on your dvd remote to access 8 separate audio soundtracks and director's commentary, secret sections, articles, In-Motion Vol. 1, and more!

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Volume 2 of the In Motion Blade Video Series holds it down with quality blading and fresh cinematography. This video includes skating and articles with Shawn Oberg, Will Cosgrove, Sean Keane, Jon Julio, Dustin Dixon, David Lineback, Danny Malm, Lil Tariq and more. With hours of bonus and secret material this video is definitely worth purchasing. Also included is eight seperate soundtracks you can access by using the audio button on your DVD remote control.ENJOY!

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leftovers from In Motion 2

these are some leftover clips we did not use for various reasons. edited in about 1 minute and 30 seconds for our interview about the video.

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