D-Town Tussle 2009 Rollerblading / 스케잇힝

the d town tussle this year was unfortunately rained out but relocated at eisenbergs. this is my first competition to film and defiantly not my last.

1st place- Fritz
2nd place- Micah Simmang
3rd place- Josh Glowicki

아래는 카우보이 간지 포스터 -_-

*** 090918 뉴 영상 추가 ***

The D-town Tussle goes down every year...rain or shine.

This is the final round of the comp.

Motion Graphics by MattyPro

Thanks to Josh Glowicki for letting me use his Video Cam.


  • 코코마 2009/09/15 23:29 #

    저기는 Hoedown 인가 하는 대회가 열리는 그 파크 아닌감? -o-a

    완전 후줄근하게 나왔네;;;;
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