알렉스 브로스코(Alex Broskow) // 브로스키(Brosky), 발로(Valo) Rollerblading / 스케잇힝

Alex Broskow

Age; 25

Life Skills: Blading

Hometown: Kansas City Missouri

Hobbies: Blading. Biking. Drinking coffee. Hockey. Royals.

Vehicle: Vespa. Bicycle. Valos

Got into skating:
Through hockey. The blade shop was across the street from the rink. I already bladed but after I kicked it at the shop that's when I really got into it.

Major influences past and present:
Matty Mantz. Randy Spizer. Josh Petty. Jon Julio. And all the homies here in KC.

Personal Achievements: Achieve sounds weird.

Valo. Vibralux. 4x4. Ground Control. Them Bearings. E-Rolling