rollTogether 11 Rollerblading / 스케잇힝

* 아래와 동일한 영상입니다.

Edit for the Rolltogether 11 Event in Frauenfeld, Switzerland. Congratulations to:
Gregory Polony from Zurich who won the title of this session’s Rookie of the Day.
Ramon Wüst from Amriswil who got the wildcard because we are sure that he will do great on the next MTG-Competition.
Etienne Vogel from Wuppertal who won the “Best Trick Award” with a massive 360 transfer from the big bowl in the small bowl!
Song is "Sunday with a flu" by Jodelice, discovered it driving through france twice, only being able to listen to french radio.
Dedicated to my hand which works fine again, after months of not working at all.

Michael Muhlemann (Muehlemann)

Kenth Ulvedal

Cosimo Tassone

Maik Lojewski

Tim Helbock

Patrick Smith

Patrick Studer

Paco Lopez

Etienne Vogel

Michael Pfeiler

Reto Burgin (Buergin)

Gregory Polony

Nicolas Schopfer

Roger Sutter

Martin Walchshofer

Kenth Ulvedal 이 친구 오랜만이네~ ^^