레이저(RAZORS) 컬트(Cult) B Sk8s / 어그레시브 인라인

with RAZORS UFS Frame, ABEC 3 bearings and RAZORS 56mm/90A wheels

Based on the classic Razors boot the Cult B features a replaceable soul frame, a new re-designed liner with excellent heel support and fiberglass reinforced Nylon anti-rocker wheels. The backslide plate is replaceable and comes with a perfectly positioned groove for immediate out-of-the-box use. It protects the boot and is inexpensive to replace when worn out.


Replaceable soul frame
Perfectly grooved backslide
Razors UFS frame
Comfortable liner with articulated ankle shape
ABEC 3 bearings
Razors 56mm/90A
42 mm anti-rocker wheels with aluminum spacers
1 Pair

weight of one skate in size 1, 80 kg

B는 뭐꼬? -.-;;;;


  • faaeee 2009/09/18 00:58 #

    B .......... 뭐죠 ? ㅋ

    Back to the oldschool ?
  • 코코마 2011/01/04 17:16 #

    Basic ??

    Black ???
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