Kenth Ulvedal | 렘즈(Remz) FlowFile // 스웨덴(Sweden) Rollerblading / 스케잇힝

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Remz Flowfile Ft. Kenth Ulvedal, 22yo, from Stockholm Sweden.


Welcome to Remz Flowfile, Kenth. What up!
- Yo! My name is Kenth Ulvedal, 22 years old, and I'm from Stockholm, the capital of Sweden. I was 13 years old when I found a pair of 'aggressive skates' on sale, so I've been skating for about 9 years now. I had seen it once on TV and wanted to try so I bought them, got hooked, and started skatingevery day!
I get influenced by anyone pushing rollerblading, whether it's a pro doing a huge stunt or one of my friends lacing a trick he's never done before. I love to see rollerblading developing. It makes me want to push my own limits and gets me juiced about skating. A lot of skaters have inspired me over the years but one of my biggest inspirations since my early years of skating is Iain Mcleod. To me he's got the style and tricks I enjoy watching the most.

How is you local scene?
- There's definitely a lot of skaters in my city. The skating scene here feels like it always has its ups and downs, sometimes everyone is getting together for sessions and sometimes it feels like no one is skating. Everybody is getting older and has other priorities so it's hard for everyone to get the same day out to go skate together. When we do get together, however, we have great sessions. It always gets me juiced when I skate with a lot of my friends and everyone is having fun!
There is a skatepark here in Stockholm called Guldet skatepark (guldet means "gold" in swedish) and it's a skatepark built by old-school rollerbladers. I think the skatepark has been there longer than I've been skating, it has grown over the years and I think it's so cool that the guys are still involved with it and building new things even if some of them hardly ever skate anymore. They still do it for everyone else!

Nice. What's the deal with Remz?
- I got my first Remz almost 2 years ago now. I've always loved the brand Remz and the looks of all the skates so when the black and white Open Shell skate was released I was like "let's try this!". I love skating Remz cause they fit to my feet so perfect. Open Shells and Originals (with skin) give me two different feelings of a skate but still with the same perfect performance. I usually customize my skates a lot, but I am completely in love with the stock setup Team skate right now, it gives me the perfect flex all the time! Depending if I skate curbs, handrails or skatepark I usually tighten my skates in different ways depending on the spot, but not with the Team skate: it's perfect for anything and I never need to adjust anything!
Being recognized by Remz and having this opportunity to make a flowfile for means so much to me, being able to gain something out of the thing I love to do the most is just amazing!
Much Love!

a/o topsoul @ the 09 Mukko RealStreet in Finland, photo: Samu Hintsa

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Kenth Ulvedal, Misfit @ Slussen

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Kenth Ulvedal, Allyoop Topsoul @ Rosenlund

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Kenth Ulvedal, Ao Fishbrain @ Rågsved

Photo: Johan Åström

Kenth Ulvedal - Royale, Södermalmsallén Stockholm

Kenth Ulvedal - Kindgrind, Medbogrgarplatsen Stockholm

Kenth Ulvedal - Kindgrind, Medbogrgarplatsen Stockholm

Kenth - 180 mutegrab, Blackeberg, Stockholm

Kenth Ulvedal - Ao Acid @ Slussen, Stockholm

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Kenth Ulvedal - Ao Makio @ Slussen, Stockholm



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