NEW 저그(JUG) HT313 Sneak Peak Random / 기타

Sunshine Distribution sent our Arizona Flow Riders Derek French and Ryan Daily some new jams. A surprise sponsor package arrived to Revolution yesterday, The New JUG HT313 shoes.

Revolution Team Rider Derek French is into collecting shoes, so much so, he’s thinking he’s going to take Daily’s shoes with him. Where’s Daily?

JUG put a lot of effort into the small details of the HT313 shoe.

It’s clear that JUG is focused on quality. JUG’s new custom cut n sew clothing line also shows that they are really stepping it up this year. Overall, we’re looking forward to the release of the JUG HT313 this week.

그전에 나왔던 저그 싼티좔좔 신발은

나오자마자 조ㅈ망 to 세일 테크 트리 타는 것 같더니만

요건 좀 봐줄만한 듯!?

요거 사고, USD 카본 블랙 타면 킹굳일 듯!?

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Derek French isn’t a rollerblader……

...가 쵸큼 충격적이었음. ㅋㅋ

아래는 브라질리어네어(?)의 뽐뿌 광고 영상

The New Jug High Top Shoe Commercial

The New Jug High Top Shoe

Featuring footage from "Game Theory"