Rolling Mission 11th Annual Hoedown Finals Rollerblading / 스케잇힝

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Rolling Mission 11th Annual Hoedown Finals

Better late than never right? ok, so this is a couple years late. With the 13th Annual Hoedown right around the corner i felt i should get everyone excited about this years event with an edit from a past event. this was 2007 and Haffey had destroyed every contest he entered... the hoedown was just a quick stop on his way to winning the LG Action sports finals. Enjoy.

Alex Broskow

Chris Farmer

Erik Bailey

Connor O'Brien

Jeff Stockwell

Soichiro Kanashima

Billy O'Neill

Chris Haffey

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이때 빌리 오닐이 2등인가 3등 했던 걸로... -.-a