VANDOM Edits Trailer by Dustin Wreberski // 캐나다(Canada) Rollerblading / 스케잇힝

Dustin Wrebeski is one of Canada’s all times best rollerbladers. Dustin grew up skating in Regina, which is a city in the middle of nowhere AKA Saskatchewan. About a month ago Dustin and his hipster friend Joel, moved to Vancouver to start a new life. Me, Dustin and the rest of our pro team have been busy filming for our next Task team DVD. Due to our high standards, we have alot of clips that will not be used in the video, so Dustin decided to start making little random Vancouver (Vandom) edits with his left over clips . We hope that these edits will give you a better taste of what to expect from our DVD. I hope you dig it.


Words from the editor:
From here on out, I (Dustin Werbeski) will be documenting and creating edits of my vancouver experience. This is a trailer I have created to give an idea of what is to come. Expect the vandom.


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