New 롤러블레이드(Rollerblade) 솔로(Solo) Skates? Sk8s / 어그레시브 인라인

일단 발등 버클이 스트랩으로 바뀌었고 // 진작슨!!

투명 쉘, 투명 커프!!!

헐... ROLLERBLADE X3 2010 에다가 솔로 솔판만 끼운 거라고... -.-;

This is a sample skate for 2010, at the moment we only have 1 pair available in size 9.5 which fits like a size 9.
The shell fits size 9-9.5 liners, so if you are a size 9 or 9.5 this skate will work perfect for you.

This is an Aggressive Rollerblade solo boot with UFS frames. This skate can be used as an aggressive or fitness skate. The universal frame system (UFS) allows you to put any aggressive frame on this boot or put this frame on any other aggressive skate. The skate is very well designed with an amazing shock absorber and great liners. The skate comes with small soul plates but can be easily replaced with the Rollerblade SOLO souls. Due to the flat and narrow base this skate can fit other flat aggressive soul plates but it will require customization.

Rollerblade Solo Aggressive boot
Extremely light boot
Rollerblade Fusion Liners
Rubber shock absorbers
UFS Plastic frame
80MM 80A wheels
16 SG 7 bearings

Description from Rollerblade:
We've taken our experience building both molded and soft skates and blended together the benefits of both to bring you the fusion urban skates. Unique molded shell maximizes performance, stability and durability without being heavy. vented shell and specialized fit liner ensure comfort and breathability. Shock absorber in the heel minimizes impact. Ideal for urban adventures, the fusion's UFS frame and 80 mm wheels are designed for controlled maneuverability. Offers replaceable components and removable, optional sole plates for versatility.