USD 카본(Carbon) Boot Only // Black, White Sk8s / 어그레시브 인라인

Made out of Carbon/Kevlar - Lightest skate on the market

Aggressive skates have almost always been a combination of strong and solid plastic, often leaving them feeling heavy and looking bulky. As skating has evolved, so too have skate technologies and indeed the desires and needs of skaters. Skaters do not want their skates just to look great, but now also search for optimum performance and a lightweight slender looking boot. With USD's Carbons, all the future desires and needs of a skater have been taken into account. This skate will set a new standard in skate technology and one that will be hard to beat. We are talking about the world’s first carbon fiber aggressive skate.


  • made of real Carbon fiber and Kevlar
  • Has both the appearance and fit of a shoe
  • 35% less volume than a standard hard boot skate
  • Extremely lightweight. The boot only weights just
  • 685g in size 42, add the lightweight soulplate to this at just 250g leaving you a complete boot weighing under 1000g, again 30% lighter than any other boot on the current market
  • Total control with direct power transfer in all movements,better feeling for grinds and jumps.
  • Low profile boot and soulplate means you are grinding only a few mm from the obstacle, rail or ledge
  • Includes the new SIFIKA shock absorber
  • 100% genuine leather for long wear resistance
  • Neoprene and Microfiber inside lining to prevent slip and to add control
  • Slim and clean design

Size Tip: USD have changed the way these are sized since the Deshi Carbon. The USD Carbon is sized 1 SIZE BIGGER than the Deshi Carbons were. So if you took a size uk8 in the Deshi Carbon then you will need a size uk7 in the USD Carbon.

해외 게시판 리뷰가 기다려진다능~ 하악하악~


  • 코코마 2009/11/02 15:47 #

    사이즈 정보 추가염~
  • faaeee 2009/11/02 21:24 #

    기능상으로는 스킨 두꺼워진거 빼고는 달라진건 데쉬 카본이랑 달라진건 없을거같은데요 ............... 포럼에서보면 발목을 더 잘 잡아주(높아짐?)게 개선됫다는ㄷ .. USD 제품 설명에는 언급이 없고....... 안사 슈발
  • 코코마 2009/11/02 21:31 #

    넌 이제 그만사~ ㅋㅋ
  • faaeee 2009/11/02 21:41 #

    .........라면서 구형 데쉬 카본을 더 삽니다 ㅋ
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