샤도(XSJADO) 벤 슈왑(BEN SCHWAB) Sk8s / 어그레시브 인라인

with new Footwrap (thinner sole), KIZER Typ M Frame, CHIMERA Ben Schwab 56mm/90A wheels and ABEC 7 bearings

The XSJADO Ben Schwab Pro skates are coming with a mounted black/grey KIZER Typ Frame, ABEC 7 bearings and CHIMERA Ben Schwab Pro Wheels 56mm/90A. The Ben Schwab skates come with new Footwraps with thinner innersole to give you better skate feeling.

The Soulframes and Soulplates are removeable, of course. Instead of innerboots (liners) all XSJADO Skates have regular shoes (Footwraps) inside. With these shoes you can walk and skate. Just slip into the XSJADO Boot when you like to skate. The straps and buckles give you a perfect fitting and a good skatefeeling. The new grey Ben Schwab 09 Footwraps have an ageless style, so you can also wear them when you are not skating.

Because of the shockabsorbers (under the footwraps) you will not have any problems with hard "touchdowns".

Shellsizes (Skeleton-sizes):

Size M:
EU38/US5,5/UK5,0/23,5cm to EU42.7/US9/UK8,5/27,0cm

Size L:
EU43.3/US9,5/UK9,0/27,5cm to EU48/US13/UK12,5/31,0cm

weight of 1 skate in size 42 = 1,95 kg

  • Fully Designed by Ben Schwab - NEW Xsjado Colorway
  • NEW XSJADO SCHWAB Footwrap - Completely Re-Designed
  • XSJADO Full Cuff, Classic In-Step Straps
  • NEW Xsjado Straps - Stronger, Non-Twisting
  • KIZER Schwab Pro Type M Frame
  • CHIMERA Schwab Pro 56/90 Wheels
  • Small Shell (6-9) · Large Shell (9.5-13)

발목 둘레 뽕은 좀 빵빵해진건가!? -o-a

풋랩 바닥이 얇아진 게 아니라면 무효!

풋랩 뒤꿈치랑 쉘 사이에 빈 공간이 있으면 역시 무효!


  • faaeee 2009/11/11 21:23 #

    발목뽕 저 부분을 일부러 찍어논거 보면 살짝 V컷 식으로 디자인했나봐요
  • 코코마 2009/11/12 00:20 #

    음? 난... 발목 뽕이 빵빵한 거 보여주려고 찍었나 보다 했는데~ ㅋ
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