그라운드 컨트롤(Ground Control) Featherlite 2 Prime Pack BLUE(Alex Broskow), ORANGE// GC, FLT2, AM, AMall Sk8s / 어그레시브 인라인

GC Alex Broskow Featherlite 2 Prime Pack BLUE

The new Alex Broskow Featherlite 2 Prime pack includes his pro blue FLT 2 frames and matching blue laces for a nice set up to give your skates a new look.

Featherlite 2 Frame Features:

The first useful change is the addition of their locking axle which makes it so that you only need 1 allen wrench to tighten or loosen your axle bolts.  Next they added beveled frame edges to the Featherlite 2 to improve its cess sliding abilities.  They also reduced the weight even more because aggressive skaters demanded an even lighter frame.  The frame's groove was redesigned to be slightly smaller because riders felt the original groove started out slightly too big. Lastly Ground Control decided to include a set of their 42mm nylon anti rockers in every Featherlite 2 frame set so that they are ready to grind on right away.

The Featherlite 2 frame is also available for the first time in size 3 for skate sizes 12-15!

Overall the Ground Control Featherlite II frame is extremely durable, stiff, light weight and provides maximum strength. The FLT frame also incorporates GC's signature symmetrical design, a perfect center groove and a low profile.

  • Prime Pack:  GC FLT 2 frames w/ matching laces.

    Featherlite 2 Frame Design (Really Light!)

    Technical Specs:

        - All 8 mm axles
        - Metal rockers
        - Fits 58 mm wheels on outside
        - Fits 55 mm wheels on inside
        - Average weight: 7 oz. (includes hardware)
        - Includes a set of 4 GC 42mm nylon anti rockers
        - Includes matching set of skate laces

    Size 1 = 6-7 (length = 11 in.)

    Size 2 = 8-11 (length = 11 3/8 in.)

    Size 3 = 12-15  (length = 11 17/8 in.)

  • Frames sold in pairs(2). All necessary hardware included.

GC Featherlite 2 Prime Pack ORANGE


  • faaeee 2009/12/03 01:52 #

    위에꺼는 발로 ab.1 blue 에 달고!!!

    아래것은 nimh shaman 에다 달자!!!!!!!
  • 코코마 2009/12/03 03:04 #

    올 블루는... 스머프스럽지 않은가!!!
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