카이저(Kizer) M 타입(Type) 벤 슈왑(Ben Schwab) 프레임(Frame) Charcoal/Black // AM, AMall Sk8s / 어그레시브 인라인

As seen on the new Xsjado Ben Schwab pro skate his Kizer frames will get you doing the freshest grinds in no time at all.

The Kizer M-Type freestyle frame features a nylon zytel construction that is sure to get you going fast on any rail or ledge. The center freestyle block is replaceable when your wear it out and the outer frame walls feature cess slide reinforcement to help make your frames last longer. The Kizer M-Type frames also feature 8mm axles for increased durability.

  • Average weight: 11 oz.

  • Small = 5--8 (length = 10 3/4 in.)

  • Large = 9--14 (length = 11 3/4 in.)

  • Sold in pairs with frame hardware.

  • (Mounting bolts sold separately / Use your existing bolts)

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