크리에이트 오리지날(Create Originals) Xtreme Wheels, Buffalo N.Y. Edit Rollerblading / 스케잇힝

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The Create Originals co-owners took the 8 hour drive trip out to the “Rolling Rumble” contest that went down at Xtreme Wheels skate park in Buffalo, New York last Sunday. We arrived at Buffalo late Saturday night and decided since Niagara Falls was only 10 minutes away that it was to close not to visit the next day. Our trip to one of the worlds natural wonders was on a misty day so visibility wasn’t as great as it could have been but it was still an amazing site.

We then headed to the skate park where we were welcomed by one of the owners Virginia who could not have been more hospitable and she’s is also extremely down for skating. Her family runs the only park in town which basically keeps the Buffalo skate scene alive during the cold winter months. After greetings from the staff and locals and a tour of the immense facility, we set up the goods and spent the day watching the comp go down and explaining the product to the eager and curious locals. After the contest wrapped up and we gave away some frames to the winners, we decided to get some quick clips before immediately heading on our way back to Boston. This edit features all 3 co-owners, Billy O’Neill, Brian Lewis, and Hakeem Jimoh late night at the skate park.