레이저(RAZORS) 제네시스(Genesys) GT Complete Sk8s / 어그레시브 인라인

Company: Razors

Product: Genesys GT Complete

Colour: Black with Teal parts

For just above 200, the Genesys GT is awfully full-featured, packed with a re-designed Jug Precise liner, Featherlite 2 frames from Ground Control and 56mm/90A wheels from BHC. It comes with exchangeable soul frames and backslide plates which protect the boot and can be easily replaced when worn. The groove of the backslide plate is perfectly aligned with the frame making locking on a snap and no breaking-in necessary. Combined with a hot color scheme the feature set is a win. It powers the skate to benchmarks typically seen in skates with a much higher price tag - and to an
exceptional skating performance.


* GC Featherlite 2 frames
* Jug Precise Liner
* Replaceable Soul frame & backslide plate
* BHC 56mm/90A wheels
* ABEC 3 bearings

EUR: 40 - 46
US: 7 - 12
UK: 6 - 11

역시! 저 색깔은 Teal 이 정답인 듯! -o-a


  • faaeee 2009/12/08 02:20 #

    하학 , 쉘은 진자 검은색이 진리~~~~~~~~~~
  • faaeee 2009/12/08 02:21 #

    막 아라곤2 다시 구해서 teal 컬러 파트 구해다 낑궈주고 싶은 하학
  • 릴리 2009/12/08 11:52 #

    아 진짜 괜츈한듯
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