저그(Jug) Pro Team Heel Pads Random / 기타

Always smashing your heels on high impact drops and stair sets? Jug has the answer!

The Jug pro team heel pads are designed to absorb some of the shock before it reaches your heel. They worked with Brian Aragon to give him a better heel pad in his new Razors Aragon 3 pro skate but quickly realized that they needed to offer this pad to everyone.

These heel pads can easily be cut and trimmed so that you can customize them to work for you and your exact skates.

***The bottom of the pad comes with a square piece that is meant to lock into the Razor Aragon 3 skate shell and you will want to cut that off with a blade so that the heel pad sits flush in your skates.***


  • Trim them to fit any skate.

  • Size 1 = Sizes 6-7
  • Size 2 = Sizes 8-9
  • Size 3 = Sizes 10-11
  • Size 4 = Sizes 12-13

  • Sold in a set of 2

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