Mark Stamer iPunkt Edit // 독일(Germany), 렘즈(Remz), 09One, 0901 Rollerblading / 스케잇힝

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A short park edit of Mark Stamer filmed in the iPunkt Skateland in Hamburg (Germany). It has been gathered over the last few weeks, finished right in time to tease for the upcoming X-mas Jam on December 12th. So make sure to get your asses over here!!!

Filming: Karsten Boysen
Editing: Mark Stamer

회전은 성진킴처럼~!

Mark Stamer doublekinker

Mark killing the doublekinker. It was shot in August for his interview on be-mag.

Mark Stamer - front torque

Another shot used for Mark's interview on
With some photoshop help of Christoph Boettcher.

Mark Stamer - Soyale to drop

This is a 2nd angle shot for the one used in his online interview on be-mag.

Mark Stamer - 180 gap

This shot is a leftover for the interview. The bank from which he launches off is only a foot wide but he did it a couple of times anyways.

Mark Stamer - bio 540 monkeyplant

A shot used for Mark's Interview, right now on the frontpage of
with photoshop help of Christoph Boettcher! If you like, read this very interesting interview and have a look at the other pictures i shot.

Mark Stamer - Royale


Mark Stamer - backslide

I know, it's a little unsharp :(

Mark Stamer - topsoul

Mark grinding the rail the ordinary way while disturbing the snowboarders and grinding it through from the top 2nd try. The NDR bus (tv station) lurking in the back was impressed.

Mark Stamer - truespin mistrail

photos from a fun session on some small ledges in hamburg

Mark - fronttorque

Karsten Boysen

인터뷰는 아래에...

Mark Stamer Interview - 09/11/04


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