저그(Jug) 골드베리(Goldberry) Shoes Random / 기타

Jug Footwear presents their highly anticipated limited edition Goldberry high top shoes.

With a blend of gold, black and white these high tops signify  the true essence of a subculture shouting to be recognized and viewed on the main stage.  Even the black laces were given a dose of shine to help our community reach for the stars

For the Goldberry, Jug eliminated the cloth inner that can be found in most shoes and gave it an all leather interior for a feel of quality and increased durability for the life of the shoe.  This Jug high top also features a leather outer, a padded insole with gel heel and a durable rubber sole.

  • Genuine Leather Outer
  • Genuine Leather Inner
  • Rubber Souls
  • High Top Design
  • Color: Black/Gold
  • "Goldberry" Jug Shoes Model

Jug Goldberry

Jug Footwear is proud to present the long anticipated Goldberry sneaker. The shoe not only stands out through its distinguished gold and black color scheme but also by the quality of the materials used. Jug picked the finest leather materials for both the in- and outside -- taking shoes to a new level in the rolling industry.

The Goldberry is loaded with details and features such as waxed laces, engraved metal tips, a super durable rubber outsole and Polyurethane footbed with gel heel pad. Jug also put special focus on workmanship with double stitched seams and a glued & sewn on outsole providing ultimate comfort and durability for the life of the shoe.


  • Genuine leather top
  • Leather interior
  • New abrasive resistant outsole
  • Polyurethane insole with gel pad
  • Stitched and glued sole
  • Waxed laces with metal tips

JUG GOLDBERRY Shoe Features:

  • Genuine Leather Gold Top
  • Interior Leather
  • High-Top Construction
  • Abrasive resistant outsole
  • High end Polyurethane Insole with gel heel insert
  • Wax laces with engraved metal tips

저그가 신발 시장에 본격적으로 뛰어드남!?

골드베리라... 이름은 좀 간지럽지만 신발은 괜춘한 듯. -o-a

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Jug | Goldberry Spot | 1 Minute


  • faaeee 2009/12/20 00:29 #

    헐 슈발 이거 유럽에서 100유로 ....어림잡아도 20만원 막 넘음 ㄷㄷㄷ
  • 코코마 2009/12/20 01:51 #

    이 금 신발이 니 것이냐으냐으~~~
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