USD 렐름(Realm) 커스텀(Custom) // 리얼름 Sk8s / 어그레시브 인라인

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솔판을 바꾸거나

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USD Realm All White

USD Realm Boot , Classic Throne Plates , Kizer All-Star Fluid 3 Frame , Realm Wheels.

Posted by: Kodin94

인간적으로... 라이너 발목이 너무 낮은 듯! -o-+

USD Realm black

Skates 44
Souls 43-44

Posted by: notna

Realms ( Vintage V-Cut )

Jug Big J liners
Rollareblade wheels
Kizer M-typ Carlos frames
And random bearings!

Posted by: henry

커프 뒤쪽의 V컷(?)은 의미 없을 듯!? -o-a

Realm Black

USD Realm with Reign Liner, GC Hilo and Undercover Wheels

They are great. fast in slides and grinds, locks perfect in Unitiys and they are ligthtweight. And they fits perfect with the reign liner. the standart liner is very bad.

Posted by: Saarskater

오우.. 자네 마음, 나도 알 것 같네! :D