브렛 다소빅(Brett Dasovic)이 말하는 USD 카본(Carbon)의 장단점! Review / 사용기 & 인터뷰

I have always said go with what works best for you, but i have had some good imrpessions of the carbons but I have been giving all the USD's a shot lately


they are the lightest thing I have ever bladed.
they are very easy to groove and are the best grinding skate I have ever had.
the soul system is very simple so no weird grooves, soul wider and smalled on inside and out (ufs thrones for example) so if you blade you will get the hang of grinding right away
they sound amazing when you land...alot like nimh and feel very solid when you are landing something you know you laced.
replacement parts are easy as hell to do and dont take much effort at all. way easy to just attatch new souls due to the one piece system and no cuffs to deal with.
the USD carbons have a more durable skin that wont tear as easily!
wide negatives (if thats your gig, which i know you are not too into)
after 3-5 sessions they do feel part of you.
far more agile than any other skate.
they will look smaller and more compact than anything you have ever ridden before, no questions asked.

This WILL be completely different than any other skate you have used before...i think its worth it especially for someone who is not afraid to try new blades like you are! but just a warning.
put on other USD buckles immedietely.( you shouldnt have a problem with that at all ;) )
they are an akward fit at first for a person who has always skated liner skaters their whole life (again after a few sessions this eliminates itself.
the way the boot itself IS LOW so if you have weak ankles or plan to take big drops
the skates are a tad pricey so its a bit of a risk but I personally think they are worth the money
sizing can be an issuel. defintely consult ppl about sizes so you dont fuck up with this cause there is no liner option to fall back on.

I could go on for ages but I am gonna put more work into them. and have more info as the winter slows down and I am not so scared to go out and skate streeeeet.

적절한 듯.


  • faaeee 2009/12/27 21:43 #

    데쉬카봉이랑 USD카본이랑 발목 높이가 그냥그냥 똑같은가봐요? ㄷㄷㄷ
  • 코코마 2009/12/28 00:10 #

    그러게.. -_-a

    사이즈 태그 바꿔붙이고 버클 바꿔달고 스킨이랑 혀 좀 두껍게 만든 거 말고는 큰 차이 없는 듯?

    (단번에 갈아치울 그딴 버클은 도대체 어디서 나왔다가 어디로 사라지는 건지... -_-a 컨퍼런스가 돈이 참 많아~)
  • faaeee 2009/12/28 00:24 #

    데쉬카봉에 있던 버클은 원래가 레이싱용 버클이라 파슬에서 나온 레이싱 부츠에 걍 복귀했을듯욥
  • 코코마 2009/12/28 00:32 #

    거기서 왔다가 거기로 간건가... -_-ㅋ
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