저그(Jug) 아가일(Argyle) 라이너(Liner) 엄지발가락 부분 통증!! Review / 사용기 & 인터뷰

1. Soooooo for christmas i got the new jug argyle liners. I skated them today and i had the worst pressure point from the hard edge of the tongue into the top of my big toe. Has anyone had this problem? What can i do about it...

옛날 레인 라이너처럼 혀의 결합 부위에 눌리는 듯?? -o-a

2. ive had pressure points from where panels are stitched together before n taken bits of stitching out and then removed a layer of padding from inside the layers where it happened but you havnt even broken them in yet so wait

같은 경험이 있다는 분 등장!

이 분은 라이너를 분해(?)해서 뽕을 제거하는 커스텀을 하신 듯.

3. i have the exact same problem with mine in my salomons, only my right foot, and from the top of my foot big toe side, i had to stop skating after about an hour,
i got some newer salomon liners instead, so i'm selling my argyles as i dont need em now!

살로몬 쉘에서도 똑같은 부분이 눌린다고.


  • faaeee 2009/12/31 00:21 #

    아 슈발 10만원이 넘어가는 저그이너를 까다니!!!!!!!!
  • 코코마 2009/12/31 02:17 #

    이베이에 싸게 올리라능~ 학학!!!
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