Rollerdam Volume.2 Rollerblading / 스케잇힝

Rollerdam and Yourworld present the
second installment* in the Rollerdam rollerblading video series. Finest rollerblading from Holland and NYC.
A fresh look upon Rollerblading.

with full profiles on:

-Max van Hooren
-Martin van Drunen
-Giorgio Oehlers

Besides the three profiles there are other skaters featured from Holland, like Edwin Wieringh, Timmy van Rixtel and upcoming Pascal Tan. There are also quite some local NYC heads up in this; like John Stevens, Adonis Tayler, Mister ArtOfRolling himself and even Alex Nunez shows up to let us skate 'his' famous John Bowne handrails!

-Montage: Giorgio Oehlers
-Music: Giorgio Oehlers (Except outro song)
-Camera: by Martin van Drunen, Max van Hooren and Giorgio oehlers
-Additional filmers: Christen Cofer, Nabil Spencer, Cavin Brinkman
-Cover: Martin van Drunen



중간 정도까지 봤는데

요것도 대박인 듯. :D

완소 Edwin ! 학학!!

Giorgio Oehlers 이 친구도 장난 아니구나!!!