샤도(Xsjado) 제프 스탁웰(Jeff Stockwell) 3 풋랩(Footwrap) 사이즈 Review / 사용기 & 인터뷰

... that a guy I know got size 9 ones and they were incredibly tight on his feet, so he swapped for his normal shoes. So maybe they are small fitting, either that or he bought size 9 in the hope they would fit his feet which may indeed be bigger than size 9?

요번 꺼는 풋랩이 작게 나왔다고... -.-


  • ㅆㅃㅃ 2010/02/01 17:49 #

    제프 파란색 신어봤는데 좀 작아요.. 265 신어봤는데 파머3이나 데미안 255보다 착용감이 작게 느껴짐..

    그리고 공개됐을때도 풋랩 참 못생겼다고 생각했는데 실제로 보면.. 정말 못났음..-_-ㄷㄷ

    근데 쉘 색깔은 ㅎㅇㅎㅇ
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